Priyanka Pripri, Winner of “Young Achievers of the Year” award in music – Gopio, Sydney, is into creating commercial music. Her voice range and style suits multiple genres like melodious ballads, RNB, and pop music. 
This singer-songwriter set out to create honest, heartfelt and emotional music that people can relate to.

Her song ‘Wild Tears’ is one of the most watched songs in the #AnnualContest on #Tallenge. View her entry at http://bit.ly/1rvx4Pj.

#ClassicMovies #ShortFilmFacts
"A trip to the Moon" is a 1902 French Silent film directed by Georges Melies. Inspired by a wide variety of sources the film follows a group of astronomers who travel to the Moon in a canon shaped capsule and return back with a captive alien. 

Its unusual length, lavish production values, innovative special effects, and emphasis on storytelling were influential on other film-makers and ultimately on the development of narrative film as a whole. 

It was named one of the greatest films of the century and is one of the most influential films in cinema history and the moment in which the capsule lands in the Moon’s eye remains one of the most iconic and frequently referenced images in the history of cinema. 

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