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This is a true story. It took forty years before I could tell it without weeping; perhaps because I told it as through it was told by him.
Sadly this poem could have happened yesterday, as our sons, brothers and the ones we hoped to spend our lives with continue to die in war.

By - Ava Motsinger Rosien
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Fatiniza - All Categories - Fatiniza - Can Someone? - Tallenge

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Can Someone? is the second single from the latest album from Fatiniza Nothing is Impossible.

This clip was filmed in Ras Al Kaimah in Jazirat Al Hamra also known as Red Island which is one of the last authentic traditional towns still standing in the UAE. Once a small island, but now a long and narrow peninsula that backs into the port and further along, its inhabitants subsisted on maritime and pearl trading. The area is believed to have been occupied since the 16th century but abandoned nearly 40 years ago.

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